Info-tour to Fergana:

Fergana - The Cradle of Civilization.


Fergana is located in the southern part of the Fergana Valley and is considered one of the youngest cities in Uzbekistan. It was founded in 1876, after the annexation of the Kokand Khanate to the Russian Empire. The construction site was only 12 km away. from Margilan and received the name New Margilan.
The military fortress is considered one of the iconic buildings of the city. Located in the very center of the city, the fortress began to form more and more streets around itself. A large park, "San'at Saroyi", was built next to the fortress. In 1907, the city was renamed Skobolev, in honor of the military governor of the Fergana region, Mikhail Skobolev, and finally in 1924 the city received its final name - Fergana!

Now Fergana is one of the most important industrial centers in Uzbekistan. Its noticeable growth began only in the 20th century and reached its peak after independence. At the moment, the city meets all the standards for a great time. There are practically no ancient sights in the city, but this does not greatly prevent you from enjoying the beauty of its shady streets with centuries-old trees, modern infrastructure, parks and infinitely kind people!

There are also a lot of wonderful places to relax in the suburbs of Fergana. For example, in the foothills of the Alai Range, among the boundless greenery of gardens, is the village of Chimen, whose healing springs are known throughout the valley. Thanks to these sources, the largest balneological sanatorium in Central Asia, “Chimen,” was built.


In Fergana the weather is the same as in the entire valley. Winter is quite mild and sub-zero temperatures are not that common, but sudden cold snaps can occur. For such moments, you should always have warm clothes in stock. Fortunately, this does not happen often and if it does happen, it will only last for a couple of days at most. In summer there is a stable heat, which is only occasionally broken by a hot dry wind called “garmsil”.

Gifts and souvenirs:

The Fergana Valley is famous for its handicraft workshops. And it's not just like that! The most common gifts from Fergana are ceramics, wood crafts and, of course, works of weaving art - Khan Atlas, Adras and Silk. If you spend a little precious time and go to Rishtan, which is only 50 km from the city, then you will find yourself in ceramic heaven! It was in this town that the unique painting with lead glaze and semi-faience dishes known as “chini” originated.


In Fergana, they prepare a very unusual pilaf. As throughout the valley, special rice, called devzira, is used to prepare this dish. This rice has an unusual red-brown hue and, due to its taste, it is ideal for pilaf! Garlic is traditionally used to obtain a unique aroma. Place it whole before adding rice. Just like throughout the valley, simply wonderful fruits grow in Fergana. Gifts from local gardens and vegetable gardens are sold in huge quantities not only in bazaars and shops, but also along the roads at the entrance to the city and right next to some people’s houses. It all costs very little, since there is a huge abundance of fruit in Fergana. Here you can also try various sweets and other dishes of national cuisine, such as halva, baklava, manti, lagman, shish kebab, shurpa and so on.

Top attractions:

Modern Fergana is a large industrial center with a developed economy and high culture. The traditions of applied art, poetic literature and education have been preserved here. In the city you can visit:

✔️ Central park and monument to Al-Fergani;

✔️ Local History Museum and Puppet Theater;

✔️ Yangi Chek and Nur-Zhomiy mosques;

✔️ Russian Drama Theater;

✔️ Fergana State University;

✔️ “House of Officers”;

✔️ Temple of St. Sergius of Rodonezh.


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